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Uljana Antolovič-Vanič, dr. med., spec. fizikalne in rehabilitacijske medicine (MD, physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist)

After graduating from the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Ljubljana, I completed my residency at the University Rehabilitation Institute Soča in Ljubljana in 1994. I worked at Terme Krka in Strunjan for many years until 2006 when I decided to start my own business and I established Zdravsteni zavod Fiziatrija Izola (Health Clinic Fiziatrija Izola), a concession private specialist outpatient clinic. I have been especially drawn to ultrasound joint and muscle diagnostics, which has been increasingly gaining ground globally. I have completed training with Prof. De Muynik in Belgium, and Prof. Monetti in Italy, and have undertaken numerous other courses in Ljubljana, Zagreb, Rome, Lisbon, Prague, etc. Moreover, I am constantly improving and extending my knowledge of contemporary infiltration techniques that are part of regenerative medicine and Cyriax medicine. By constantly following innovations in the diagnostics and treatment of the musculoskeletal system, I wish to provide my patients with the latest techniques and methods used to treat diseases and injuries of the motor system.