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ANITA UMEK,advanced physiotherapy practitioner, mentor

KLAVDIJA TRČELJ,physiotherapist-lymphotherapist

SANJA HADŽALIĆ,physiotherapist

ANA VANIČ,physiotherapist-masseuse

The term physical therapy derives from the Greek word fysis, meaning ‘of nature’, i.e. the use of natural factors for medical purposes. The first records showing the use of different natural energy sources, magnetism, water, massage and motor techniques to treat different conditions date back to Greek and Roman history.

Today, physiotherapy is an important part of treating diseases and injuries of the motor system. Rapid technological progress has contributed to the development of efficient equipment used to perform physical therapy. First and foremost, there is kinesiotherapy, i.e. individual manual therapy based on various methodologies (Cyriax, McKenzie, Mulligan, etc.).